A hunt for Barnevelders brought me here

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A hunt for Barnevelders brought me here

Post by Jehanne »

I currently have 3 hyline type but kept Barnevelders in the past. I gave my rooster to a chap who was very happy as he said it was show quality.

I had to give up keeping chooks for a while but was very happy with them. I saw some seabrights once and adore them.

Looking forward to share as we are often getting 6 eggs from 3 hens and suspect they will peeter out. We get attached but the hybrids don't last long sadly.

They are having a great life at the moment enjoying windfall fruit and what's left of the vege garden. Photos will surely follow.
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Re: A hunt for Barnevelders brought me here

Post by Mitsy »

Hi Jehanne and welcome!
I'd love to see some pics of your chooks! But I think posting photos on here might be difficult. You might want to try joining the forum backyardchickens.com as well. It's international, but there are quite a few New Zealanders on there. It's easy to join and post pics etc. Also there is a lot more activity on there. It's great to be a member of both forums!
All the best!
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