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Hi from Lower Hutt

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:55 am
by KiwiSue49
Hi there,

Just keeping an eye on Chloe the cat lying down (near coop)
while first time free ranger (tossing up with 'Tilly' short for Matilda)
poking around on the dirt.

Was outside for about two hours this morning just to see how cat reacted
(other cat was sleeping inside) ...

Just saw cat raise her head - yup, other chicken (Lulu)
who was free ranging first time this morning - came back out her
bed after laying an egg :)

Since January of this year have been reading, watching bits and
pieces of chicken info online.
Have one of this King Pet kitset (yep, have read they don't last
for too long).

Fortunately I am fully fenced (just put some plastic mesh across
metal gate, and no pretty things they can destroy.

I have a specific question. Read some of the rules. So will
now go post in correct forum :)