Hello from Taranaki

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Hello from Taranaki

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Hi there! Thanks for the add :)

My chicken journey started last year when I went to a local bird show and came home with some crossbred bantams. I'd never had chickens before and I had to do a lot of reading and researching on how to look after them!

One of my bantams went clucky so I got her some purebred Light Sussex bantam eggs and it was once they hatched that I fell in love with heritage breeds!

I recently rehomed my crossbred bantams and now have three 6 day old chicks that I am hand raising; 1 female Partridge Wyandotte bantam and 2 male Gold Laced Wyandotte bantams.

I look forward to chatting with like minded chicken lovers in this awesome forum!
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Re: Hello from Taranaki

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Welcome to the poultry central forum, and good luck with the poultry bug
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Looking for a vacuum that could clean pet hair on hardwood f

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How can arthritis be diagnosed?

Your vet may diagnose arthritis based on a history of symptoms and is likely to do a physical examination to test for stiffness, pain and/or swelling of the joint. Where arthritis is suspected in younger dogs, or if there’s a possibility of joint surgery that could be helpful, X-rays or other scans may be done to establish the underlying cause.


How can it be treated?

Chihuahua sits in a bed
Arthritis can be managed well in most cases
There is no cure for arthritis, but the pain can often be managed with anti-inflammatories and/or painkillers. Relieving pain improves mobility which helps to maintain supporting muscle mass. Weight control is vital in managing symptoms and supplements such as YuMove are said to reduce stiffness, promote better joint health and increase mobility. But dogs with arthritis are likely to need medication; your vet will be able to advise on this. Massage, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy may also help. In some cases, surgery may be advised but it’s unlikely that surgery will restore perfect joint function for life. New therapies, such as stem cell therapy, are also becoming more available for dogs and some seem to yield promising results.
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