Swollen Abdomen

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Swollen Abdomen

Post by Grenoble10 »

Hi all
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Need desperate help with Barred Rock with severely swollen abdomen under the vent
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Re: Swollen Abdomen

Post by Marina »

Hi Grenoble and welcome to PC!

Sorry to get to your inquiry only now. There are a few possible reasons for a swollen abdomen: egg bound, internal laying - and just plain obesity. These are the erasons I know about.

If your hen is egg bound you should be able to feel the hard shell of her egg when poking your finger into her vent.
If she is laying internally her whole abdomen will be swollen and she will be very miserable.

If she is obese you can feel the lump of fat just below her vent and she should still be sprightly.
Depending on what you think it is she either needs a warm tummy bath to help her release her egg, if she is laying internally I'm sorry bt I don't know of any cure. If she's just obese a little less food may help. But some obese hens live happily ever after.
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